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The Phoenix Development Council is a community development and place management organization working in the Phoenix District, with an emphasis on fostering economic vitality connected to Black Equity along 36th Street North.


Envision the Phoenix District as a vibrant hub where thriving Black businesses, from restaurants to entertainment venues, invigorate every corner. Imagine transformed vacant and underused spaces blossoming into lively areas of commerce, culture, and community life. Picture walkable streets lined with art, inviting outdoor spaces, and gathering spots that bring together residents and visitors in a bustling atmosphere.
Surrounding neighborhoods offer a spectrum of attractive housing, blending rehabbed homes with new, quality residential and mixed-use developments, making the Phoenix @ 36th Street North a cornerstone of community pride. This district shines as a beacon of inclusivity, diversity, and economic vitality, where a strong sense of identity and belonging pulses through the heart of North Tulsa.

Phoenix Development Goals and Initiatives

Get the Dirt Moving

Develop The Osage Trail as a Destination

First 16' Development

Business Recruitment and Resource Procurement

Food Destination

History of the Phoenix District



The Phoenix Development Council is a cornerstone of innovation and community revitalization in North Tulsa, Oklahoma. Originating from the progressive efforts of the North Star Community Development Council in 2011, we have been a driving force in implementing the economic development plans for the 36th St. N. Corridor Small Area Plan, in collaboration with the City's office of economic development.

Our narrative began when Sharon Hanson, president of the North Star Neighborhood Association, successfully lobbied for economic development funding in North Tulsa. This pivotal moment led to the formation of the North Star Community Development Council, with Hanson as President and Tracie Chandler as Vice President. Following Hanson's passing in 2014, we honored her vision by rebranding as the Phoenix District, a name symbolizing rebirth and relentless progress, chosen with the approval of the community.

The Phoenix Development Council dedicates itself to the constituents of North Tulsa, a vibrant community aspiring to surpass its historical economic prosperity. We have actively involved community members in the decision-making process, adopting the Phoenix as our emblem of resilience and renewal.

  • In 2011, before Sharon Hanson, president of the North Star Neighborhood Association, talked to Dwain Midget in the office of economic development, there was no funding in the City’s budget for a small area economic development plan for North Tulsa. After Hanson spoke to Midget, funding was included in the budget. The budget was passed and Hanson formed the North Star Community Development Council, with herself as President and Tracie Chandler as V.P. The council’s task is to work with the City to bring the economic development plans for the 36th St. N. Corridor Small Area Plan to fruition. The City formed Citizen Advisory Teams to oversee the planning process; four of the members came from the North Star Community Development Council; Sharon and Tracie were two of the four. Sharon passed 5/13/14.

Our recent endeavors are a testament to our commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive district. In partnership with Invest North and under the City of Tulsa's Vibrant Neighborhood partnership program, we have engaged the expertise of the world-renowned Better Block foundation to reimagine a bustling shopping and food district within the Phoenix District. This initiative aims to elevate the community experience by enhancing public spaces, encouraging local entrepreneurship, and creating a destination that celebrates the unique spirit and culture of North Tulsa.

The launch of the EAT36STN food truck park in 2021, in collaboration with Tulsa Young Professionals, further exemplifies our innovative approach. This culinary haven not only tantalizes the taste buds but also serves as a catalyst for job creation and local business growth.

Serving a diverse demographic, the Phoenix Development Council remains steadfast in its mission to ensure that each project resonates with the needs and aspirations of North Tulsa's residents. With the support of the NAACP, St. Simeons, ACCA Neighborhood Association, and an array of community members, our council stands united in fostering sustainable development and prosperity for the Phoenix District. Our logo, democratically selected by the community and designed by Ebony Easiley, encapsulates our collective identity and artistic energy.

As we seek donations and funding, we are reminded of our humble beginnings and look forward to a bright future where the Phoenix District is recognized as a paragon of community-driven achievement, creativity, and inclusivity.


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The Vibrant Neighborhoods Partnership is a community-driven program that improves the quality of life in Tulsa’s neighborhoods. It seeks to holistically improve neighborhood infrastructure and enjoyment through targeted public support and service delivery in collaboration with neighborhood residents.

Increase Economic Opportunity & Commercial Development

Enhance visual appearance and placemaking

Build Social Cohesion,Public Safety & Instill Neighborhood Pride

Improve public spaces & neighborhood infrastructure

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